Montréal, june 2009

Montréal, june 2009

lundi 15 mars 2010

Québec &Montréal March.2010

Marcus Freedman

The colorfull ones were for
And a second and great shoot with Arte Lumen in Montréal.
We shot infra-red film.

dimanche 14 mars 2010

My trip in California, Feb.2010

I went in California for 2 weeks in the beginning of February.
I shot almost every day in San
Francisco, then in Los Angeles.
This shoot with Charle Nevol was exceptional. He brought me to crazy locations! This picture was taken on the top of a mountain from which we could see San Francisco. Suddenly the clouds appeared and it started to be really cold, but beautiful... I was actually freezing, which happen a lot in a model's life ;P

I played with photoshop to put togetehr 2 images done with Riggued in San Francisco.
The day was wonderfull, we found a great spot to shoot and it was really hard to choose the best images...

Shoot with Brett Micheal Nelson in L.A...

I shot with my host in Los Angeles (Paul Blieden)and i was really inspired by our pictures. So i worked on two of them...

A film photographer hosted me for the 3rd time in San Francisco, Steven Gelberg.
I always been amazed by the pictures he makes!